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I prefer to keep my journal friends only! so if you havent talked to me, or have no plan to talk to me,  please dont add..
I only want my friends on here to be people I actually talk to/get along with, so if we've talked on other communities, etc., feel free to add and ill add you back :) ty!
if youre looking for my icons join x_istheshape :)
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I thought I'd stop by and add you since we are both makers at throwingpebbles!
adding now, bb :)
congrats on being accepted as a maker there <3


7 years ago

Hey I'm your friend but idk how to view the post lol,help me out?
you should be able to, just click any post title and it should lead you to the actual full lenght post.
let me know if you need more help :)
It worked lol
I just noticed the post with locks by them are the one's for friends XD
I thought this was a resource post lol,sorry for the trouble.
Oh and thanks for the add!
Hi.I am Deniz from Turkey
Add me,please? <3
dont forget to add me back so you can see my posts <3
*youre added!*
selena,miley,demi,jonas brothers,taylor swift,icarly... friends?
haha. i love every single thing you mentioned! :p


7 years ago

Hey its beautygirl777 add me back? have a new lj :)
love your new lj name!
added you back :)
you seem to be an awesome person! friends?
hi :) will you please add me? thanks!
add? :}
I know I don't need to comment, but I am anyway. Love you stuff, friended. :)
hey can you add me i just made a lj:)
+ because justin & your icons are amazing? ♥
we were friends before but then you delted me i think lol.
i love glee allot and pretty little liars .
love to be friends again :)
ttyl :P
okay adding you back :)
I love your graphic soo much & you seem nice! I added you, I hope it's okay & if you want add me back! <3
adding you :)
girl, add me back.
it's brittany, i made another journal.
addd meee i want talk to ya :)
hey i love your icons!
i add you to my friends?
add me back?
just felt like sharing that everytime i see your screen name i'm thinking it says something then garbo...xD so i have to sit there and look at your screen name for a while to realize there is no garbo in it haha. maybe i just have garbo on the brain..who knows
ANYWAY know that your probably think i'm a strange person i'd just like to say hello my name is Madie and i love your graphics :)
LOL :P i like your sense of humor haha adding u!


6 years ago

Ahh, I added you and we've never really talked.. I'm sorry! Haha. :)
I've been to your Flickr (you're rockstarbo, right), and I love your graphics there. I'm onewaysky, though i doubt oyu know who i am haha.
I love your stuff here on LJ, too.
Hi, i add you to my friends
add back?
I only want my friends on here to be people I actually talk to/get along with so if we've talked on